My Goodness

My Goodness Cover Med



Recorded: October 2019 at Blue Bell Knoll, Dinkytown
Recording Engineer: Neil Weir
Mixed: Adam Trelstad
Mastered: Greg Reierson
Cover Art: Bud Hjelmberg, Sam Foster

Little Canada Music Video

Released 10/6/21
Shot and edited by Bud Hjelmberg


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My Goodness Cover Med

Rhino Shrine - My Goodness Release Announcement

This is exciting. The last time we released something was way back in April of 2019, and that was a live album recorded in all of an hour! For this one, we decided to take our time and really figure out what it was we wanted. This meant finding a studio, as we knew that the only way to get these songs right was to play them together, in one room. In October 2019, we entered Blue Bell Knoll recording studio, formerly home of Blackberry Way Studio and Minneapolis record label Twin/Tone, and the site at which many legendary Minnesota bands cut their first records. Along with Owner/Engineer Neil Weir, we spent all of one day locked up in the living room/live room of Neil's place, and after many weeks more of overdubs, arguments, and tiny adjustments only we'd ever notice, we were beginning to feel that we had something to be proud of. This is where Greg Reierson came in.

For an EP that was written, recorded, produced, and mixed locally, there was really only one option on where to go for that final step to really make the tracks sparkle, and that was Rare Form Mastering. The work these guys do is incredible, and Reierson certainly didn't disappoint. His mastering brings a final clarity, a subtle polish to the mix and really bringing it past that final hurdle to give you, as honestly as we can, our best. We hope you enjoy it.

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