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Above: Rhino Shrine live at the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown, Minneapolis ©2019 Michael Perovich

While the first Rhino Shrine show took place in December of 2017, the origins of the band go back to 2014 when lifelong friends Bud Hjelmberg (Guitar), Gavin Jarl (Vocals/Guitar), Adam Trelstad (Keys), and Jason McCarthy (Bass) began writing songs under the name The Crak Pots. A year later and still without a drummer, the loss of Jason lead to the first lineup shift in the band, with Gavin taking over Bass duties and the eventual addition of Martin Corral on Drums. This lineup released a single self titled EP spawning the crowd-favorite psych-rock song "The Fugue" and providing the first glimpse of what would become Rhino Shrine's sound. By fall of 2017, the band was working on some new material and had recruited Ben Ranney to cover bass guitar duties, allowing Gavin to move to rhythm guitar and focus on his vocal work.

With a new sound, new lineup, and after some frustrating legal issues with the old name, the decision was made to rechristen the band as Rhino Shrine for the release of Tangerine Dream, the official debut single from November of 2017. The first show came just a few weeks later, and Rhino Shrine quickly began to climb the ladder in the Minneapolis music scene. Along with playing bars and clubs such as The Skyway, 7th Street Entry, and The Turf Club, Rhino Shrine gained a rapid following in the local DIY scene, playing many house shows over the next few years. The first single was quickly followed by Koala Man, perhaps the most popular Rhino Shrine song to date and the song that introduced Adam's trumpet to the band, and Cajun House, along with a live album recorded on-air at KVSC St. Cloud.

By the summer of 2019, Martin made the decision to step down from the drum kit, and the band took a short break from playing live shows to write some new material and regroup. The first show back took place October 4th 2019, featuring new wild card Arphu on the kit, who injects a whole new energy into the sound. Old favorites sound new and edgy, and new songs feature some of the best drumming this side of the Canadian border. Rhino Shrine played a run of shows through the end of 2019 while beginning work on the new EP My Goodness, and had planned to continue a heavy schedule through the spring, which was brought to a screeching halt by this virus that we all know and love... Since then, Rhino Shrine has been able to fine tune the new EP all while working on the next batch of songs, so not only is new music coming out this summer, but the next batch is right around the corner! The whole band is committed to keep providing new music as long as we're all locked up, and can't wait to be back on stage soon.


©2019 Shrine Photography

From Left to Right:

Arphu - Drums
Bud Hjelmberg - Lead Guitar
Adam Trelstad - Keys and Trumpet
Ben Ranney - Bass
Gavin Jarl - Lead Vocals and Guitar

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Meet the Band


Gavin Jarl

Lead Vox and Rhythm Guitar

My name is Gavin Odean Jarl. I play guitar and sing for Rhino Shrine. I like making breakfast for friends, my favorite color is green.



Bud Hjelmberg

Lead Guitar

My name is Bud and I play guitar. I cannot do cartwheels anymore due to lower back problems, but I'd like be able to again someday.


Adam Trelstad

Keys and Trumpet

My name is Adam Trelstad, I play keyboards and trumpet for Rhino Shrine. Don't tell Gavin, but his breakfasts are usually overcooked...

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Ben Ranney


My name is Ben Ranney, I play the bass. Waffles over pancakes and just to let you know if you look a camera in the eye it'll steal your soul.