About Us


Who We Are

Rhino Shrine is an Alternative/Indie Rock band based around the Twin Cities. With various influences of Ska, Psych Rock, and Funk throughout the band, this five-piece brings an enthusiastic energy to their music which, when combined with their playful yet informed lyrics results in a powerful sound that will keep you on your feet.

Melodic Noise "Monday Night Live" Review

Want to know what makes Rhino Shrine Rhino Shrine? Click the album cover to read the first review of our April 2019 album along with a band interview detailing our favorite venues, our dream tour mates, and more!

RadioK BaseMNt Music

In March 2018 we went down to the U of M's Radio K studios and did an interview while playing some music! Click the picture below to discover where we came from, how we write our music, and why it is we love trail mix so much!

Meet the Band


Gavin Jarl

Lead Vox and Rhythm Guitar

My name is Gavin Odean Jarl. I play guitar and sing for Rhino Shrine. I like making breakfast for friends, my favorite color is green.



Bud Hjelmberg

Lead Guitar

My name is Bud and I play guitar. I cannot do cartwheels anymore due to lower back problems, but I'd like be able to again someday.


Adam Trelstad

Keys and Trumpet

My name is Adam Trelstad, I play keyboards and trumpet for Rhino Shrine. Don't tell Gavin, but his breakfasts are usually overcooked...

Arphu Axe square




Ben Ranney


My name is Ben Ranney, I play the bass. Waffles over pancakes and just to let you know if you look a camera in the eye it'll steal your soul.